5410 East High Street. Suite 103, Phoenix, Arizona 85054
480-912-4532 | 602-705-4571
Hours: Monday to Thursday 7AM to 9 PM / Friday 7AM to 11PM / Saturday 10AM to 11PM / Sunday 10AM to 9PM
Happy hours Monday to Friday 3PM to 5PM

YogurtTime High Street Hangout
"Your favorite local Frozen Yogurt and Gelato stop"


YogurtTime High Street Hangout is located at 5410 East High Street. Suite 103, Phoenix, Arizona 85054 [MAP] near the intersection of Loop 101 and SR 51 in North Phoenix.

We offer variety of delicious products including Frozen Yogurt, Handcrafted Gelato, Cold Beverages to Hot Coffee! Want dessert for an office party? Yogurt Time does deliveries! Just contact us and we will get ready to "serve" you! We offer free WiFi while you visit.

Yogurt Time strives to bring you only the finest frozen yogurts, handcrafted gelato and numerous toppings. With classic frozen yogurt flavors and handcrafted Gelato we want your taste buds to be continually excited. That's why you can find our extensive list of frozen yogurts and Gelato rotating regularly, to feature 8 flavors frozen yogurt and 12 flavors Gelato and over 40 toppings in-store, every day. Yogurt Time High St also serve smoothies, deserts, fresh fruit, plus hot and cold drinks.

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20% OFF Handcrafted Gelato Yogurt Smoothies, Coffee, and Espresso.
Valid through 12/31/17

Frozen Yogurt / Handcrafted Gelato

We have up to 8 flavors frozen Yogurt, 10 flavors handcrafted gelato and we are constantly rotating the flavors so whenever you come back in your taste-buds will never be bored of the same repeating flavors!

Be Healthy

End your Frozen Yogurt bowl with some yummy tasting fruits to mix up the flavor! You may also come and get fruit smoothies and mix it up just the way you like it. Only 8 yogurt offers gluten-free, low calorie, low carb frozen yogurt.

Cold Beverages

We are in Phoenix, we know it gets hot! Come in and get a nice cold beverage to cool you down from the desert heat! We have a variety of cold beverages from water, energy drinks to flavored waters, and much more!

Crafted Coffee

We have a Barista! Yes, we will brew you the freshest cup of coffee in town! Need to wake up or you just love coffee and want it brewed to your liking? Well, come in today and ask about what coffees we serve!



Belgian Chocolate

Yellow Cake Batter

Salted Caramel

Mango Sunrise

Blueberry Only 8v

Strawberry Only 8

Euro Tart

White Vanilla

Pomegranate Raspberry

French Toast Almond Milk

Chocolate Chip Almond Milk


Open 7 days a week
Monday to Thursday, 7AM to 9PM
Friday, 7AM to 11PM
Saturday, 10AM to 11PM
Sunday, 10AM to 9PM


5410 East High Street. Suite 103, Phoenix, Arizona 85054
Give us a call: 480-912-4532 / 602-705-4571

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